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CD Duplication, CD Replication, CD Manufacturing, DVD Duplication, DVD Replication and DVD Manufacturing service company in Thane, YCC for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. We specialize in all areas of CD / DVD Duplication, CD / DVD Replication and CD / DVD Manufacturing whether it’s for CD-ROM, Audio, DVD Video or DVD ROM. We also provide your most sought after insert printing and packaging needs.

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DVD Replication

Self Adhesive Sticker Labels

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We can complete your full sized CD / DVD, business card CDs, business card DVDs, mini CDs or mini DVDs for you with a standard manufacturing turn, but we also have a wide variety of rush options. For those do it yourself clients, we offer a complete line of blank media, business card CDs, and mini CDs for you to complete your CD / DVD Duplication at wholesale prices. At YCC. our commitment is not only to provide you with the finest product at the lowest price possible, but also give you the best customer service and personal attention in the industry today! Give us a try and find out why thousands of clients choose us for all of their CD / DVD Duplication. and CD / DVD Replication needs.

YCC is one of the leading service providers of Digital Printing solutions ranging from Short Run Digital Press to Offset Printing Press.  Our office location is in Thane, India. But we can deliver anywhere on the globe.

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  • DVD Replications

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Providing quality DVD, CD duplication / manufacturing, and cassette recording for AD Agencies, Corporations, Government, Printing Industry, and the software industry. Shop wholesale CD’s, including standard silver data or DVD, audio CD’s, mini diameter CD’s, studios, special mini CDs, mini business CD’s, CD replication, CD Duplication, and data CDs. CD Self Adhesive Labels, CD Self Adhesive Labels, CD Self Adhesive Labels, CD Self Adhesive Labels, CD Self Adhesive Labels, CD Self Adhesive Labels

CD Self Adhesive Labels